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AGMs, Prague: Postponed until further notice!

October 26th-28th: 4th 24/7 Cargo Alliance Conference

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Our ISR tool has a 1 to 1 meeting scheduler which allows members to log into their profile and select agents which they would like to meet during the conference.


This makes our events more productive for the members as they get the opportunity to choose who they would like to meet beforehand.


Each of our 1 to 1 meetings is a 30 minute meeting between two agents.  During this time, members often talk about their company and any business they may have in the other member’s region, helping facilitate any potential business between the two members. 


The 1 to 1 meetings are a unique opportunity to get to know the other members on a personal level and cultivate new business opportunities.  


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GF networking with 1to1 meetings      GF networking with 1to1 meetings      GF networking with 1to1 meetings