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Effective September 1st The Gross+Fuchs Group of Networks is launching two new groups:
Global Freight Alliance: due to the enormous success of AOP and C5C we have decided to complete our family of networks for general cargo with a third association by the name of GFA: our well-known and unique tools such as the shipment obligation and our invoice monitoring system will apply at the GFA, just like our personal selection process. The Gross+Fuchs networks are by far the most beneficial networks for its members, thanks to our well established tools and a long-lasting experience in global cargo networking. Don´t miss the opportunity and join us as a member of the first hour!
24/7 Cargo Alliance: we simply combine 30 years of experience in the AOG-business as an airfreight forwarder with 10 years of global cargo networking – the result is the 24/7 Cargo Alliance, a global network of reliable partners supporting the industry in managing extremely urgent shipments – every day, at all times. Our members primarily support aviation, shipbuilding and automotive industries with regard to logistics. With our careful personal selection process we create a network of solid, dedicated and energetic forwarders to whom 24/7 is not only an acronym but a philosophy.







The Gross Fuchs Group was established by Helmut Gross and Viktor Fuchs, each having extensive experience in the freight forwarding industry.  Through their experience they had a vision to unionize independent mid-sized cargo agents and forwarders into strong and powerful cargo networks with a global reach.

The Gross Fuchs Group consists of 5 freight forwarding associations aimed at bringing together mid-sized freight forwarding companies for mutual benefit.

Air & Ocean Partners - AOP – non-exclusive network of worldwide quality freight forwarding agents, allowing 2 member agents per region.

Connecting 5 Continents – C5C - non-exclusive logistics network of with an open amount of members per region - open, but balanced growth. Our fastest growing network. 

Global Freight Alliance - GFA - non-exclusive network, established in August 2015, following the success and the same ideas as AOP and C5C

Project Partners – PP Network - Our exclusive network of heavy lift and OOG cargo agents.  Focusing on Project Logistics.

24/7 Cargo Alliance - focussing on extremely urgent spare parts such as AOG shipments, ship spares, spares for the automotive industry. Established in September 2015

We are your freight networking specialists! Each of our members undergoes our extensive selection process, ensuring that we only select the most reliable agents for our networks.
In addition to our 4 freight forwarding networks, we offer freight forwarding and tourism marketing services in Bavaria, Germany.  This is done by our associated companies, Pro Service Cargo and Pro Service Marketing,based in Munich. 

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G+F Group of Companies - Stands for global cargo networking.

G+F Group of Companies - Stands for Helmut GROSS and Viktor FUCHS