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Global Network coverage of Gross Fuchs Networks


The GF network currently covers ca. 700 offices in nearly 100 countries!


Each of our logistics networks offers members a unique set of advantages:


Air & Ocean Partners - AOP – Exclusive network of worldwide quality freight forwarding agents, allowing 2 member agents per region. AOP’s members are carefully selected to ensure the best members in hard to reach niche markets.

Connecting 5 Continents  – C5C
-  A nonexclusive logistics network of forwarding agents with an unlimited amount of members per region. C5C is our fastest growing network.

Project Partners –  PP Network
- Our  exclusive network of heavy lift and OOG cargo agents.  There is one member per region. Our members are experienced in many sectors of project transportation including natural resources, power plants and industrial goods.  They specialize in moving the “impossible.“

Global Freight Alliance - GFA
- our solution for general cargo forwardings looking for global coverage in a fast expanding an ambitious group.

24/7 Cargo Alliance - a network of solid, dedicated and energetic forwarders to whom 24/7 is not only an acronym but a philosophy


Between our 5 networks, we cover many different sectors of the logistics industry while never forgetting our main principle which is networking.  Networking is the basis behind each of our networks.  With more than 750 members worldwide, the GF Group has excellent global network coverage.


AOP      C5C      Project Partners      Global Freight Alliance       247 Cargo Alliance