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October 26th-28th: 4th 24/7 Cargo Alliance Conference

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Global Networking with Gross+Fuchs

Forwarders from all over the world are following cargo networks. Why choose the Gross + Fuchs cargo networks:

Annual conferences, financial protection programs and global coverage?

This is quite common in the industry.  On top of this, being a member of one of our logistics networks also offers you:

Shipment Obligation – Gross+Fuchs Cargo Networks are the only networks with a shipment obligation, monitored by an online-software: by this we ensure that our members are cooperating with each other to a certain extent and are thus also getting an appropriate return of shipments.

Payment Control System (via our custom ISR software), taking care of ALL payment reminders of our network´s members and giving us a perfect overview about outstanding amounts within our group and about payment defaults

Hand Selected Members - We travel the world, searching for the best agents to join our networks.  Our members are hand selected based on their reliability, member recommendations and much more. To date, our representitves have traveled on 5 continents, visiting potential members and getting a first hand look at their business.  

In addition to this, we also offer our members many other added benefits.

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