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February 22nd-25th: 12th Project Partners Conference

February 25th-26th: Breakbulk Exhibition, Dubai

March 17th-18th: Intermodal, Sao Paolo

May 2020: AGMs, Prague (AOP, C5C, GFA)

October 26th-28th: 4th 24/7 Cargo Alliance Conference

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Shipment Obligation

The AOP, C5C and GFA networks have a shipment obligation policy. All members are required to contribute a reasonable number of shipments into the network. This is observed and evaluated by monthly volume reports and ensures an appropriate return of shipments and mutual benefit between the members.


Our shipment obligation does not require you to only work with other members, it is only to encourage business between network members, but not exclusively.  However, by entering more shipments into our network, you will receive more from other members in return.  This system enhances the mutual cooperation between members.  By using our system, you are also protected financially and can rest assured that you are dealing with reliable and efficient cargo agents.