Upcoming Events

February 22nd-25th: 12th Project Partners Conference

February 25th-26th: Breakbulk Exhibition, Dubai

March 17th-18th: Intermodal, Sao Paolo

May 2020: AGMs, Prague (AOP, C5C, GFA)

October 26th-28th: 4th 24/7 Cargo Alliance Conference

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Annual Conferences
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Each of our cargo networks host an annual conference so that members can personally connect with each other and make new industry contacts. The location of the conference changes every year to be on every continent. At our events, we set up 1 to 1 meetings between members so that they can sit down and get to know each other. 


The turnout for our annual conference is more than 100 agents from all corners of the world.  We believe this is the perfect amount of agents to get to each member personally and turn business leads into business. Besides our 1 to 1 meetings, members have the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the formal conference setting during our gala dinner, welcome receptions and leisure day activities. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know each member on a personal level and turn leads into business.