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May 16th-18th: Shanghai Transport Logistics

May 29th-31st: Breakbulk Exhibition Bremen

October 2nd-4th: Breakbulk Americas, Houston

April 26th-May 14th 2019: GF AGMs, Munich

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Our Story

The Gross Fuchs Group was established in 2005 by Viktor Fuchs and Helmut Gross.  Both of them are highly experienced in the freight forwarding industry and share many contacts across the globe to increase the productivity of their freight forwarding networks.


 The Gross Fuchs Group was born with a vision to unionize independent freight forwarding agents and bring them together for mutual benefit and that’s exactly what has been done.  Together, they created a global network made up of highly reliable and efficient cargo agents.


Today, the Gross Fuchs Group consists of 5 different freight forwarding networks, each offering a unique specialization and added benefits to its members.

The main principle behind the Gross Fuchs Group of Companies is networking.  Networking is what brings the members together and helps create a business environment that is beneficial to all members.

We are not only a group of freight forwarding associations; we are a family, working together to achieve success.  We do our part by providing a platform to do business but our outstanding members do their part when they are active and send shipments to each other. This ensures a great outcome for all agents.


Helmut Gross, President

Helmut Gross, President - Born 1957, Managing Director in the international forwarding business since 1975, most of his experience is in the air cargo industry. Running his own forwarding agency since 1982 and being well established in the networking industry since 2001, he is well experienced in global business.

Contact: helmut.gross@gross-fuchs.com



Viktor Andre Fuchs, C.O.O.

Viktor Andre Fuchs, C.O.O. - Born 1978, Forwarding Agent & studied Business Economist. Viktor Fuchs started in 1997 as a forwarding agent at Munich Airport. Since 2005 he has been active in the networking business in several global network associations. 

Contact: viktor.fuchs@gross-fuchs.com